After you’ve spent enough time online looking at all the crazy, bizarre stuff out there, it can begin to feel like you’ve seen everything. If you’ve reached a point where you think things just can’t get any more nuts, think again!

As this series of mind-boggling photos proves, the world remains packed with all sorts of weird and wild stuff — just wait until you get to the last one!

1. This photo of Adolf Hitler was taken during World War I and shows what his mustache used to look like before he was forced to cut it so he could fit into his gas mask.

2. This photo of Marlon Brando with and without his Godfather makeup is a testament to movie magic.

3. This is what a soda bottle looks like before they use air to expand and shape it.

4. Murrine is a Renaissance technique adapted by visual artist Loren Stump that allows her to slice glass “loaves” so that each slice (worth around $5,000) is a beautifully designed picture!

5. Defying our gravity-based expectations, these coins are stacked in this arrangement, not glued or melted.

6. This photo perfectly captures a rare sunset solar eclipse.

7. The mineral pyrite naturally occurs in perfect cubes like these.

8. This is what a child’s skull looks like before his or her baby teeth fall out.

9. This incredible machine is able to lay perfectly patterned bricks.

10. This comparison picture demonstrates the differences between the way a human sees at night and the way a cat does.

12. This dazzling chunk of a meteorite was found in China back in 2000.

12. This 3D-printed cast may look strange to the average person, but there’s evidence that casts like these may help broken bones heal better than traditional ones.

13. This photo captures a rare example of a lenticular cloud, notable for its distinct lens-shape and for staying stationary.

14. As hard as it is to believe, this is one single photograph — no Photoshopping’s been done!

15. This is a picture of a black swallower fish, which is able to consume prey ten times its own size — a pretty disturbing skill.

16. This is an artistic recreation of what Manhattan probably looked like circa 1609 compared to the island today.

17. Patek Phillipe is the Swiss watchmaking company responsible for some of the world’s finest (and most expensive) watches. Here’s what one looks like on the inside!

18. This fence is designed to move with the shifting dunes along a stretch of the Mexican-American border.

19. General Electric designed a new type of body scanner, the Revolution CT, that’s able to produce stunningly accurate images.

20. This cabbage’s inner geometry is surprisingly complex.

21. This image contains one million pixels, each of a completely different color.

22. The underwater cables that run across the bottom of the ocean look like this when cut in cross-sections.

23. This photo captures a space shuttle launch as seen from the deck of the International Space Station.

These photographs are spectacular! I wonder what kinds of new, logic-defying pictures we’ll be passing around 50 years from now?