Signs make the world go ’round. They point us in the right direction, tell us which behaviors are prohibited and which are allowed; without signs, humanity might be lost.

While most signs are meant to keep us safe, these signs just might cause more chaos than they’re preventing. In fact, these absurd signs aren’t helping us do much but laugh.

1. What is happening to these poor cows?Ranker

2. Well, that’s certainly helpful.Ranker

3. No turning the other cheek?Ranker
4. They put the real in real estate.Ranker
5. Conflicting reports.
6. This is a bigger threat than it seems to be.Ranker
7. Stone. Cold.
8. Points for cartographic accuracy.Ranker
9. You had one job.Ranker

10. At that point, laughing is the last thing you want to do.Ranker

11. Hahahahaha…?Ranker

12. No kidding.Ranker

13. Beating smartphone users to the punch, and keeping them safe, to boot.Ranker

14. Better safe than cleaning up your beverage.Ranker

15. Because there are rules, after all.Ranker
16. If you can pee faster, see a doctor.Ranker

17. Rebel.Ranker

18. A sense of humor is important, no matter how hidden.Ranker

19. Keep an eye on that speedometer.Ranker

20. At least you know how low they fly.Ranker

21. Hmm. Catchy.

22. And that’s supposed to deter people? Everyone loves waffles and nudity!Ranker

23. A free ride? Yes, please!Ranker

24. This is actually really cute.Ranker

25. What is happening here?Ranker

26. Good, clean, family fun… and it’s free!Ranker

27. Fair.Ranker

28. Single folks, take note.Ranker

29. ‘Roos are strong.Ranker

30. Now’s not the time to be funny!Ranker

31. Ruining it for everyone else. Figures.Ranker

32. That’s a genre I’ve never heard of before.Ranker

33. That’s a polite euphemism, I suppose.Ranker

34. Genius.Ranker

35. Worms! Aaah! Get them away!Ranker

36. No species is precluded from the nicotine habit.Ranker

37. You woke it up, you monster.Ranker

38. So, what exactly is allowed?Ranker

39. Do they know what “free” means?Ranker

40. Clearly, this hotel is the best option.Ranker

41. Translation’s a little dodgy on this one but they get an ‘A’ for effort.Ranker

42. Oh dear lord.

43. Where everyone claims to have a girlfriend, but you never meet them.Ranker

44. Hey, it’s all about your own morality at this point.Ranker

45. The crappiest place to live.Ranker

46. Otherwise, they’d be targets.

47. Is this real?Ranker

48. Ahh, a safe haven without… judgment…Ranker

49. Not uncomfortable.Ranker

50. Nobody likes “that guy.”Ranker

51. Steer clear unless that’s your thing.Ranker

52. What have I been keeping this under my pillow for, then?Ranker

53. What a monster!Ranker

54. Get your game face on.Ranker

55. Science.

56. Methinks they did not fully consider the implications of this logo.Ranker

57. Even better!Ranker

58. Who needs quality when you’ve got speed?Ranker

59. Well, this one is just a delight.Ranker

60. Do? DO?!?Ranker

61. So fnnuy.Ranker

62. Not exactly making friends here, are we?

63. Because FIRE… Ha! Get it?!

64. This place sounds like a pain in the butt.

65. Something for every mom.

66. Probably not resonating with the target demographic.

67. Be dapper, or don’t cross.Ranker

68. Good luck to whoever attempts this one.

69. We should always consider the feelings of others.

70. How supportive.

71. …And they probably know who they are by now.Ranker

72. Flowers are always a good idea.

73. This is a bit too literal.Ranker

74. SpiritMart: Raging Against The Machine since 1967.Ranker

75. So, is Jessica, like, in on this?Ranker

76. Anything more than 3 minutes is something else entirely.Ranker

77. Didn’t know they made ’em that chilly.Ranker

78. You know, for little hoes.Ranker

79. Oh man. This must have been fun to write.

80. What I’m saying.Ranker

81. Chuck Norris is all that matters.Ranker

82. Disturbing on a few levels.Ranker

83. I’d get in that guy’s van, for sure.Ranker

84. People dogs. People. Dogs. Ranker

85. Strong. Elegant. Beautiful. Hair.Ranker

86. Cue the rimshot.Ranker

87. Not to nitpick, but they’re missing an apostrophe. Ignorance is Satan’s work, too.Ranker


It’s amazing that people actually went out of their way to create these hilarious signs… Who approved any of these??