Capturing nature on film in all its glory is a challenging art. It’s hard to convey the beauty of the world around us with just the blink of a shutter. But the truly gifted photographers find a way of doing just that.

When you first look at these photos, taken by nature photographer Art Wolfe, all you can see is a stunning landscape. But if you look again, you’ll see that there is a single animal hiding in plain sight in each photo.

Can you find them all?

1. Giraffe

2. Wolf

3. Willow Ptarmigan

4. Caiman

5. Great Horned Owl

6. American Pika

7. Blue-crowned Parrot

8. Horned Adder

9. Leopard

10. Gyrfalcon

11. California Ground Squirrel

12. Spotted Deer

13. Impala

14. Cheetah

15. Common Snipe

16. Wandering Tattler

17. Nighthawk

18. Coyote

19. Klipspringers

20. Blue Dacnis

Art has spent over 35 years roaming the deserts of Africa, the rain forests of South America, the mountains of the United States and snow plains of Canada to attain these glorious images.

Did you find them all? If not, maybe you should look again!