These 17 Weird Animals Prove That Mother Nature Is Secretly Evil… And Wants To Hurt Us.

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Mother nature has proven time and time again to have a talent for breathtaking beauty, so perhaps it’s fitting that she also has the ability to create creatures that are truly bizarre, and at times, quite terrifying. It’s not just the appearance of these animals that can unsettle us humans, but their behavior as well…

From weird ways of defending themselves to seemingly nonsensical mating rituals, you have to wonder what mother nature was thinking when she came up with these animals. If you want proof that the animal kingdom is strange and terrifying, look no further!

1. There’s a reason why this creature is called the “horror frog” (Trichobatrachus robustus). He goes out of his way to break his own bones, producing claws that break their way out of his toe pads.

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