Divers Found A Tube On An Ancient Shipwreck, And What Was Inside Is Pretty Much Impossible.

By Angie Barnes

After its completion in the fall of 1672, the Kronan, a fearsome warship, was the finest vessel in all of the Swedish navy. In a tragic turn of events, however, the ship was sunk in the Baltic Sea during a storm just four years later, killing almost all of its 800-person crew. It would stay sunk for nearly 300 years.

This Man Bought A Log Cabin For $100, And What He Did With It Will Make You So Envious

By Maggie Watson

Richard Aiken is a 65-year-old self-described “hillbilly,” but he’s also much more than that. He’s a dad and a husband. He has two PhDs and — oh yeah, a medical degree, too. It doesn’t stop there: he’s also an opera singer and wrote the book The New Ancestral Diet. Not to rub it in too hard, but he also happens to be a pretty talented builder as well.

Here Are 88 Ridiculous Signs That People Actually Posted. #18 Is Absurd!

By Maggie Watson

Signs make the world go ’round. They point us in the right direction, tell us which behaviors are prohibited and which are allowed; without signs, humanity might be lost.