This Guy Scrubs A Magic Eraser On His Face — And The Results Are Unbelievable.

By Paul Fox

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser may actually live up to the promise of its name. There are so many amazing things that you can do with this simple product that it very well may have supernatural properties.

This Man Bought A Log Cabin For $100, And What He Did With It Will Make You So Envious

By Maggie Watson

Richard Aiken is a 65-year-old self-described “hillbilly,” but he’s also much more than that. He’s a dad and a husband. He has two PhDs and — oh yeah, a medical degree, too. It doesn’t stop there: he’s also an opera singer and wrote the book The New Ancestral Diet. Not to rub it in too hard, but he also happens to be a pretty talented builder as well.

Women Are Now Taping Their Middle Toes Together For The Weirdest Reason... And It's Brilliant!

By Maggie Watson

What addition to your outfit makes you feel like you’re walking on air more than a new pair of shoes? Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like those fresh kicks can go from shiny and new to filthy and worn in about a week’s time.

His Neighbors Were Confused When He Drilled Holes In The Ground. Soon After, They’re STUNNED

By Maggie Watson

During those oppressive summer months, there’s nothing that helps you beat the heat quite like a pool. Even if you’re having a stressful day, you can just cannonball into the cool water and feel all your troubles wash away, especially if the pool is in your own backyard.