Divers Found A Tube On An Ancient Shipwreck, And What Was Inside Is Pretty Much Impossible.

By Angie Barnes

After its completion in the fall of 1672, the Kronan, a fearsome warship, was the finest vessel in all of the Swedish navy. In a tragic turn of events, however, the ship was sunk in the Baltic Sea during a storm just four years later, killing almost all of its 800-person crew. It would stay sunk for nearly 300 years.

After You See What Happened To This Guy, You'll Probably Stay Away From Drugs Forever

By Maggie Watson

As unsettling as it is to think about, we must never forget how harmful drug addiction can be. When used over prolonged periods of time, drugs have the power to transform people — and almost always in a tragic way.

This Guy Discovered A Hidden Room In His Basement, And What He Found Inside Is Mind Blowing

By Maggie Watson

There is always risk in buying an old house. Sure, they can be charming, maybe even have some neat character in their bones. However, sometimes an old house comes with some baggage…and that’s not always a good thing.

This Island Was Quarantined For 75 Years… And Anyone Who Sets Foot On It Is Dead

By Maggie Watson

A huge number of uninhabited islands dot the Earth’s oceans. Some of them are so remote that it’s impractical to reach and explore them, while others we avoid to preserve their unique plant and animal life. Some islands, though, we steer clear of for much more ominous reasons.

Woman Inherits A Safe From Her Great Aunt, And Never Imagined What She Would Find Inside

By Maggie Watson

Chances are if you’re inheriting something from a relative, you’re in for a surprise – and time will tell whether it’s a good or a bad one.

31 Horrifying Photos That'll Make You Never Want To Go Outside Ever Again

By Maggie Watson

If you’ve ever thought about ditching the responsibilities of the real world and making a life of your own in the forest, suffice it to say, you better think again.

This 'Insane' Woman Gives Her Doctor A Drawing... Then He Realizes The Shocking Truth.

By Maggie Watson

Thanks to developments in modern medicine, we can live healthier, longer lives than ever before. But that doesn’t mean medical professionals are perfect – even the most skilled physicians and nurses can improperly diagnose a condition. If that happens, the consequences can be grave.

What One Guy Discovered Inside This Huge Abandoned Building Is Insane. Seriously, Take A Look.

By Maggie Watson

With modern technology and years of human exploration, it’s easy to think we’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see. But occasionally, people discover incredible treasures that remind us just how much is still waiting out there to be found.

No One Knows Where This Video Came From Or How It Was Made, And It's Freaking People Out.

By Maggie Watson

This short video is known only by the title 11B-X-1371, and in the short months since it appeared online, no one has been able to solve its mystery. Some think it’s an elaborate puzzle, while others think it’s a warning of some kind.