These 17 Weird Animals Prove That Mother Nature Is Secretly Evil... And Wants To Hurt Us.

By Maggie Watson

Mother nature has proven time and time again to have a talent for breathtaking beauty, so perhaps it’s fitting that she also has the ability to create creatures that are truly bizarre, and at times, quite terrifying. It’s not just the appearance of these animals that can unsettle us humans, but their behavior as well…

No One Knows Where This Video Came From Or How It Was Made, And It's Freaking People Out.

By Maggie Watson

This short video is known only by the title 11B-X-1371, and in the short months since it appeared online, no one has been able to solve its mystery. Some think it’s an elaborate puzzle, while others think it’s a warning of some kind.

These 27 Haunting Facts About The Titanic Aren't In Your History Books... And They're Incredible.

By Tom Carlson

Eighty-five years before moviegoers were mesmerized by James Cameron’s Titanic, the titular ship was captivating the world. The enormous vessel was the largest of its kind, and it was all but sinkable… until it did just that.

When You See What Hundreds Of Years Of Selective Breeding Has Done To Dogs, It Will Make You Sick.

By Maggie Watson

The process of selectively breeding dogs has developed over the last 1,000 years as a way to “engineer” dogs for different types of work and play. But where it once may have served a purpose, it became more about aesthetics over time.