Dogs are often the first “babies” that a family has to love and take care of. As with any youngster, though, it can be hard to predict how a dog will react to being a big brother or sister to a human child.

These families witnessed this struggle firsthand, and the results are amazing!

1. “Gross, why doesn’t it have hair?”

2. “Relax, Frank, I can take care of him.”

3. “Honestly, Sara, I am completely unprepared for this.”

4. “He’s strange and I don’t like it.”

5. That looks comfortable.

6. “He’s so cuuuuuuute.”

7. “He’s so much better than any of the pillows you gave me.”

8. Sleepyheads.

9. How long have they been like this?

10. So cute and wrinkly!

11. “What are you looking at?”

12. “Am I his big brother?”

13. “I guess this is my life.”

14. These guys will get along just fine.

15. “There, there.”

16. Mom made sure the baby knows who loved him first.

17. “I like her a lot.”

18.”We can keep her.”

19. Kissy kissy!

20. “Does he smell funny to you, too?”

21. Adorable.

22. “I was born first!” “No, I was!”

23. “I don’t know what is happening right now but it’s making me uncomfortable.”

24. “He can stick around.”

25. “I’ll keep you safe.”

26. “This is nice.”

27. “We’re keeping the doggy, right?”

28. “Hey mom, can I have an outfit like this?”

Some dogs can become aggressive when introduced to a newborn, but if the meeting is handled properly, they can develop a beautiful friendship together.

For advice on how to properly introduce your dog to your baby and make them friends for life, follow these tips!