These Dogs And Cats Are Terrible At Hide And Seek… And It’s Totally Adorable!

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Dogs are great at pretty much everything. They have a superior sense of smell, and they’re fast learners, letting you train them to do a variety of tricks and chores. Best of all, they’re great at being kind and loving when you need them the most.

When it comes to hiding, however, dogs just don’t get it. These dogs tried to play hide and seek with their owners and thought they found the perfect places to hide. Boy, were they wrong!

1. “But Ma, I’m scared!”

2. Hide and seek level: expert.

3. “This was here when I got here.”

4. Hiding…in style!

5. This one knows how to camouflage almost too well.

6. Don’t lick that liner!

7. Worst hide and seek player ever!

8. At least it wasn’t the blinds, this time.
9. Do you mind?
10. “Why, yes, I could actually use your help to get out.”

11. The best hunter in the family.
12. The cutest little hider.
13. You can’t help but feel for the little guy.
14. That’s…not a computer.

15. “Can’t find me, ha ha!

16. He’ll learn soon enough.

17. “I’m a hoooooman!”

18. Where’s the other half?
19. “Mistakes were made.”

20. “You lookin’ for me?”

21. “You’ll never look under here!”

22. “Okay, you caught me!”

23. Can you tell the difference?

24. “A little privacy, please?”

25. “Thanks for the new summer A/C, ma.”

26. “I’m a…towel? Yeah, that sounds right.”

27. “A little help would be nice.”

28. He’s in his natural element!

29. “But I don’t wanna come out!”

30. “Should I tell him, or let him figure it out?”

31. Blends in perfectly.

32. …almost too perfectly!

33. “Nothing to see here. I’m just part of the mat.”

34. Who are you fooling?

35. I’m starting to see a trend here…

36. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

37. He’s not even trying!

38. Where is he? I can’t see him!

39. “I am the ghost of hide-and-seeks past!”

40. This guy just wants a nap.

41. They both have the wrong idea.

42. “I must hide with my people!”

43. This one’s the worst hider of all!

44. Is this little guy trying to hide…or just being a goofball?

45. It turns out our dogs aren’t the worst hiders. Kids are just as bad, if not worse.
46. “Where did she go?”

47. This was almost perfect…until I saw the shoes.

48. These kids really have a warped idea of hide and seek.

49. Perhaps his perception is off?

50. “They won’t find me under here!”

51. That’s not why they call them blinds…

52. Aaah! A blanket monster!

53. Off by a foot…or two.

54. “Dad never looks here.”

55. “Do you like my new hat?”

56. Perfect camouflage…kinda.

57. “Where did everybody…oh!”

58. He didn’t get the memo.

59. It’s the trail of toys that gave her away.

60. “Ricky, we said we’d stop doing that, okay hun?”

61. What is this strange lump in the bed?

62. Not even trying, eh?

63. “I’m not hiding. I’m exploring my options.

64. This hiding spot is portable! 

65. You know who’s really the worst at hiding? Why, cats, of course!

66. “I heard there was tuna in here.”

67. “Is it safe?”

68. “I was never here.”

69. “You’ll never guess what I found up here!’

70. “Don’t mind me. I’m just a pillow. Yeah, that sounds right.”

71. I think the tail gives her away.

72. “HALP!”

73. “Not hiding, just stuck.”

74. “You can see me? How!?”

75. That’s a tight squeeze!

76. Not even trying!

77. “Did I tuck in a pillow?”

78. Another cat/pillow hybrid!

79. “Please don’t go for this pocket!”

80. Blended in perfectly!

81. “Oh no. I can’t look!”

82. “I was just…looking for your remote?”

83. “Take me with you!”

Dogs and kids might be bad at hiding, but cats? Cats don’t even try!

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