Woman Inherits A Safe From Her Great Aunt, And Never Imagined What She Would Find Inside

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Chances are if you’re inheriting something from a relative, you’re in for a surprise – and time will tell whether it’s a good or a bad one.

When her great aunt passed away, this woman from Germany inherited her something spectacular — her house. Inside, she discovered a rusty old safe, and when she opened it to take a peek, her life changed forever.

She found the safe soon after moving into her great aunt’s house, and it became her top priority to open the thing!

Her great aunt had settled in Hamburg, Germany, after fleeing Russia in the 1940s.

After searching for a while, they found a mysterious old key…

Lo and behold, the key opened that old rusty safe!

They found some seriously interesting stuff inside.

Among them: old pictures, some books, and letters. After reviewing the contents, though, something seemed strange.

Among the books was a copy of the one penned by none other than Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf.

 The particular edition had been released in 1943, long after Hitler had risen to prominence as a dictator in the Nazi party.

The copy of the book was estimated to be worth approximately $350.

There was also a very old edition of Rob Roy by W. Scott inside of the safe.

The book, which was published in 1846, doesn’t even have an approximated value.

On a lighter note, there was also a copy of The Lady and the Tramp. So cool!

The fact that it was published in German made this find all the more interesting.

It’s assumed that the child in this photograph is the woman’s great aunt…

…making this her grandfather around 1950.

The boys pictured below were part of the Hitler Youth.

Also in the safe was a German postcard dated during World War I.

This postcard from 1941 has a stamp from the Nazi government on it.

Another postcard dated from 1916 depicts a nurse and a soldier.

In German, this photo’s caption says, “A house destroyed by the enemy.”

You might recognize some items, like the brand Nivea, from current products.

In this final photo, you can see the heir to the Kaisers during World War I.

This safe held some pieces from one of the darker times in history. Though many of these items were common for their day, it doesn’t make it any less creepy that they got a second chance to be seen again.

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