Divers Found A Tube On An Ancient Shipwreck, And What Was Inside Is Pretty Much Impossible.

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After its completion in the fall of 1672, the Kronan, a fearsome warship, was the finest vessel in all of the Swedish navy. In a tragic turn of events, however, the ship was sunk in the Baltic Sea during a storm just four years later, killing almost all of its 800-person crew. It would stay sunk for nearly 300 years.

The mighty Kronan was finally rediscovered at the bottom of the sea in the 1980’s, and since then it has been the source of numerous unbelievable archeological discoveries. Though, it was during a recent dive that researchers found something they did not expect…

When it was finished in 1672, the Kronan was the largest ship the Swedish navy had ever constructed. Sadly, it sank in 1676 during a storm, killing nearly 800 people, and leaving its hull at the bottom of the Baltic.

It was rediscovered in the 1980’s by Anders Franzen, and since then there have been yearly dives to the wreckage.

Tons and tons of treasures have been recovered, particularly weapons of war.

That’s not all, though! They’ve all also found instruments, such as these violins.

This gold ring was also found.

And all of these gold coins were found, too!

There was also a jar recovered…but what was inside?


When it was opened, the researchers were overwhelmed by a smell they said was like a mix of yeast and Roquefort cheese.

It turned out to be some sort of preserved dairy product.

This is a diagram of the wreckage.

Here is a reconstruction of what below deck would have looked like.

Here is the ship’s bell.

It’s easy to see why researchers are such big fans!

Still, it sure would have been amazing to see this ship when it was still sailing!

This cross-section of the hull shows just how big it was.


Guess it’s time for another dive. Who knows what they’ll find next?

So cheese can last forever… as long as it’s at the bottom of the sea. There’s gold in them there waters!

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