One of the best parts about owning a pet is the love you receive from them. But what would it take for that trust and love to be thrown to the curb? More than likely, a trip to the vet.

These pets totally no longer trust their owners, since they had to get in the car and go where no animal wants to go. At least their reactions are enough to make us laugh!

1. “This isn’t PetSmart!”

2. “I won’t be fetching the newspaper for you any longer.”

3. “I should have seen this coming.”

4. “Oof!”

5. “I’ll get my revenge by peeing all over the house!”

6. “This isn’t my happy place…”

7. “You’re going to have to give me so many treats to make up for this.”

8. “Don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move.”

9. “Now you see me. Now you don’t.”

10. “I’m sinking.”

11. “Pay no attention to the cat in the garbage can.”

12. “You are dreaming, we’re not really here.”

13. “Maybe if I pretend I’m the vet they won’t notice me.”

14. “You can expect some poop on your bed tonight.”

15. “I do – not want to be here.”

16. “The camera adds 10 pounds.”

17. “I’ll get you back, just you watch.”

18. “Well this is awkward.”

19. “You did this to me.”

20. “Want to sign my cast?”

21. “I’m not here.”

22. “Is this the exit?”

23. “No way I’m leaving this seat!”

24. “Not the vet, not the vet!”

25. “Wake me up when it’s over.”

26. “Do you want to trade positions?”

27. “That wasn’t worth it.”

28. “Can you help me get outta here?”

29. “I remember my first trip to the vet.”

30. “Maybe if I look sad they’ll let me leave!”

31. “This is how you use camouflage, right?”

32. “They can’t see me.”

33. “Do you mind going in for me?”

Going to the vet can be so draining. Let’s just hope these little guys got lots of treats and kisses afterwards!