The process of selectively breeding dogs has developed over the last 1,000 years as a way to “engineer” dogs for different types of work and play. But where it once may have served a purpose, it became more about aesthetics over time.

As a result, many dog breeds are nearly unrecognizable from a century ago. Worse still, many of the changes bred into these dogs have caused major health complications.

Have a look at some historical breed images placed side-by-side with the modern versions of the these breeds. The comparison will surprise you.

1. St. Bernard.

2. Bull Terrier.

3. German Shepherd.

4. Bassett Hound.

5. Pugs.

6. Boxers.

7. English Bulldogs.

8. Corgi.

9. Dachshund.

10. White Terrier.

11. Old English Sheepdog.

12. Chow Chow.

13. French Bulldog.

14. Poodles.

15. Chihuahua.

16. Pomeranian.

17. Chinese Shar Pei.

18. Neapolitan Mastiff.

19. Pit Bull.

20. Boston Terrier.

21. Doberman.

22. Saluki.

23. Bearded Collie.

That sure is an eye-opener. Selective breeding really has gone way too far – no “beauty” standard is worth this.