If you’ve ever thought about ditching the responsibilities of the real world and making a life of your own in the forest, suffice it to say, you better think again.

Nature can be a fickle beast. There are definitely things to be weary of in the woods. Things that will eat you alive, if given the chance…

1. This look at the depths of hell is courtesy of the mouth of a leatherback turtle.

2. If you think hippos play nice, you better think twice...

3. Beware of the giant hornet, its sting is capable of causing death.

4. Think sharks are at the top of the food chain? Think again.

5. Seriously, this alligator is having a shark for lunch.

6. Nothing to see here, just a gigantic bat.

7. Welp, I’m never going outside again…

8. This snake is annihilating a freaking crocodile!

9. Lay off me, I’m starving!

10. If you think golfing will keep you safe, well you’re wrong.

11. La-di-da, just a humongous sea creature on land.

12. This parasite will eat your tongue, no problem.

13. Hmm, so snakes are terrifying.

14. Frog smoking a snake.

15. What a beautiful pond- ahhh, I’m scared.

16. I can jump higher than you…

…And eat you, too.

17. Those poisonous bristles make this silkworm moth one of the deadliest insects on Earth.

18. Oh, that’s just a bird devouring a poor turtle.

19. Well, there’s sharks on land, so I’m gonna go into the water I guess.

20. These platypuses may seem like non-threatening little creatures…

… But they have poisonous barbs on their hind legs, which means they’re Earth’s sole poisonous mammal.

21. Sperm whales are generally friendly, though those scars came at the hands of a giant squid during battle.

22. There are few poisonous birds on Earth’s surface, the hooded pitohui is among them.

23. Frog salad, anyone?

24. Just in case you wanted to be more terrified, insects are eating frogs now.

25. Apparently stingrays fly now!

26. Lets just hope he’s patting her on the back.

27. Gorillas are basically Olympic-trained wrestlers.

28. Hmm, cannibal polar bears, no big deal…

29. Ouroboros 

30. So lions know how to open car doors now…

31. Who is hunting whom, here?

That’s it, I’m staying inside from now on. Nothing is safe anymore. Bye-bye, cruel world…