During those oppressive summer months, there’s nothing that helps you beat the heat quite like a pool. Even if you’re having a stressful day, you can just cannonball into the cool water and feel all your troubles wash away, especially if the pool is in your own backyard.

The only thing better than your very own pool is having a pool deck! Only thing is, they’re super expensive…or at least they’re supposed to be. Wait until you see what this guy built from scratch…

Before he could start his project, he had to clear all of the weeds and plants from its future location.

pool-deck-20Imgur / FoxK56

Then, he was ready to construct the beginning of a frame beside the above-ground pool.

pool-deck2Imgur / FoxK56

After that, he dug holes for the beams that would eventually support the frame.

pool-deck3Imgur / FoxK56

He was sure to dig them below the frost line so everything would last through the winter.

pool-deck4Imgur / FoxK56

He first used an auger to dig the hole, and then he did the rest by hand.

pool-deck-21Imgur / FoxK56

Then, he was ready to install the beams.

pool-deck-22Imgur / FoxK56

In order to prevent the concrete from rotting the wood, plastic standoffs were placed on the bottom of each beam.

pool-deck5Imgur / FoxK56

With the beams in place, he poured concrete in.

pool-deck6Imgur / FoxK56

Soon, the frame of the deck was beginning to take shape.

pool-deck7Imgur / FoxK56

Good thing he had such an adorable helper!

pool-deck-23Imgur / FoxK56

Rather than use soil to hold them in place, he used gravel so that the wood would stay dry.

pool-deck8Imgur / FoxK56

With cross-beams in place, it was time for the next stage of the project.

pool-deck9Imgur / FoxK56

It wasn’t finished yet, but progress is progress!

pool-deck-24Imgur / FoxK56

The stairs were the next step (as were some temporary supports to keep the columns in place).

pool-deck10Imgur / FoxK56

Joints were placed next.

pool-deck11Imgur / FoxK56

Then, everything was sturdy enough to remove the temporary supports.

pool-deck12Imgur / FoxK56

The top of the frame had to then be cut to size.

pool-deck-25Imgur / FoxK56

Looking good!

pool-deck13Imgur / FoxK56

The platform floor was really coming along!

pool-deck-27Imgur / FoxK56

At every step of the project, a template was used to ensure that the precise cuts were made.

pool-deck14Imgur / FoxK56

Unfortunately, he had to cover everything up and put the project on hold for the winter months.

pool-deck15Imgur / FoxK56

Once spring was near, he started again by placing the flooring down.

pool-deck16Imgur / FoxK56

Still, before they were put in place, he laid them out to make sure everything was cut to the correct size.

pool-deck-28Imgur / FoxK56

Time for some drilling!

pool-deck-30Imgur / FoxK56

He started by drilling holes in the side of each board so they could be fastened together.

pool-deck-29Imgur / FoxK56

At long last, the deck was nearly complete!

pool-deck18Imgur / FoxK56

A gate latch was even added.

pool-deck-31Imgur / FoxK56

Not a bad view!

pool-deck19Imgur / FoxK56

Guess he never has to go inside ever again!

pool-deck-32Imgur / FoxK56

What an amazing project to build all on your own! Who’s ready for a barbecue?