What addition to your outfit makes you feel like you’re walking on air more than a new pair of shoes? Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like those fresh kicks can go from shiny and new to filthy and worn in about a week’s time.

If you know a few secrets, however, you’ll see that it doesn’t have to be this way. As it turns out, there a number of simple and useful tricks for keeping your shoes looking like they came straight out of the store!

1. For a shinier shoe, use toothpaste as a cleaner.


2. Rubbing alcohol can make a handy leather cleaner.


3. Remove stinky smells with baking soda. 


4. Nail files can help smooth out scrapes and scratches.


5. Vinegar is another handy odor-remover.


6. Patent leather can be shined up with a little Vaseline.


7. Cornmeal can dry out and absorb stains on suede.


8. Trying to break in those shoes? Heat them up with a hairdryer.


9. If your shoes are tight, fill some plastic bags with water. Make sure everything is sealed tight, then put the bags in your shoes and leave them in the freezer. The water will freeze and expand your shoes.


10. Sandpaper can help improve the grip on the bottom of your shoes.


11. Gel deodorant can be used to prevent blisters and painful rubbing. 


12. Taping your 3rd and 4th toes together can be a great way to reduce pain from wearing heels.


13. Waterproof your canvas shoes with beeswax. 


14. Reduce foot pain by soaking your feet in hot water and tea. 


I am so going to try all of these. No more painful and smelly shoes for me!