These days, communication with the entire world is just a click away with social media. It’s hard to believe how much technology has allowed us to find an audience. Sadly, though, it’s also easier than ever now for really, really stupid people to spread their stupidity around the world.

At the very least, they make for some great entertainment!

1. We’re not even going to bother correcting this one.


2. Maybe it’s possible if time travel is involved?

2-social-media-failsThat’s So Meme

3. Both are technically French.


4. Everybody forgets that the Fourth of July is on January 27.

4-social-media-failsImgur / rolofiend

5. The literal fly on the wall also had a big mouth, so the burglar killed him, too.

5-social-media-failsDaily Dawdle

6. I can’t help but smile at how ridiculously dumb this is.


7. Thank a veteran today… for correcting dumb people.

7-social-media-failsI Lyke

8. She really has no idea how foolish she sounds, does she?


9. Actually, every animal in Canada is a moose. Even Justin Trudeau is secretly a moose in disguise.

9-social-media-failsrolofiend / Imgur

10. It… doesn’t work that way.


11. Seems like a “nice guy.”


12. We think the real #FailOfTheYear is this tweet.


13. You can do anything if you set your mind to it.


14. Nirvana’s “Unplugged” version of “Achy Breaky Heart” is just sublime.


15. Poor Luke.

15-social-media-failsAcid Cow

16. Actually, Toronto is in Middle Earth.


17. Fishnets…for babies?

17-social-media-faillsOpposing Views

18. Yes, that is weird. It’s almost like the pound sign has other uses.

18-social-media-failsCrack Two

19. Please explain to me how this works.


20. Surely, there isn’t a reason why it’s called YOUtube.


21. Similarly, 5 Seconds of Summer are better than The Sex Pistols.

21-social-media-failsCdub Soundtrack

22. “If gravity is true, why don’t fish have wings?”


23. Paul Walker did a great job hosting the Tony Awards.


24. Are you sure you’re a virgin, Tara?

24-social-media-failsTara Williams / Twitter

25. Somebody needs to have “the talk” with Holly.


26. “The fact that I plan on bringing 10 bags of cocaine has nothing to do with it.”

26-social-media-failsFacebook / Devin Martin

27. It’s stupid and wrong, not confusing.


28. Pointing out how dumb she is…for cancer.

28-social-media-failsductxtape / Imgur

29. Maybe because you haven’t actually spoken to a scientist about how evolution works?


30. Please, do explain.

30-social-media-failsCinderhella / Twitter

Enough smart people live in this world to make most of us feel like total morons, yet these fools make us feel like total geniuses. That said, we fear for our planet’s future. Hopefully, none of these people get involved with politics!